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A Short List of Reasons Why I am Not a New Order Mormon and Decided to Resign

Note: If you are a New Order Mormon for the sake of family and career, I respect your decision. This is just my subjective point of view.

·       While I enjoyed Mormon social activities to a degree I didn't much care for Mormon culture at church; like the many (though not all) Mormons who acted uppity and holier-than-thou, the one sided political opinions, backbiting, and naiveté. I like(d) many Mormon individuals but never cared for the boring church talks about the same subjects at church, the uncomfortable seating, and the long three hour meetings was something I always dreaded for the most part. I wasn’t allowed to think such thoughts before I resigned.

·      Unlike other churches that have theologically liberal and conservative branches, Mormonism is not set up for variety in human nature. Instead it is set up to create clone-like copies of the Mormon leaders and their personality style and conservative nature. It is also not a buffet; you have to swallow the whole thing. As one person said online:

The biggest problem with Mormonism is it is NOT a buffet. You are not allowed to pick and choose [which] things you believe, or which things you do not agree with. You need to eat the entire nine course meal. What you don't eat, they will make into casserole and incessantly insist you eat it. If you die before choking it all down, they will take that rotting casserole and eat it in your name after your funeral. In the house of Mormon, one cannot see Jesus with out first seeing the doorman, who is [Joseph] Smith. ~ PolygamyPorter.

·       The feelings of warmth and familiarity at Mormon socials can be felt in varying degrees at other non-Mormon socials without having to sacrifice your integrity on the altar of conformity or check your brain at the door of the church. It is just a matter of resetting your brain’s neural pathways, i.e. rewiring your brain’s circuitry and re-adapting to a different culture. Psychologists say this won’t be easy but it may be worth it.

·       Some bishops may meddle in your marriage and encourage a divorce due to one partner not being a faithful member and for opposing Mormon doctrine.

·       While I like individual Mormons and feel a kinship with the average LDS member as I know their culture well. Most Mormons are indoctrinated to see you in one of two ways: as the enemy or a prospect to convert. Of course, not all Mormons suffer from the same level of indoctrination and LDS dogma fixation. The last few Mormons I tried to be friends with unfortunately did fall into the camp of those who saw me as a conversion project: they weren't interested in understanding my perspective but held out hope of magically converting me with their subjective emotional experiences. 

·       Ultimately, when it comes down to it, I can't be Mormon because I wear the wrong underwear. For the magic underpants represent a perception of reality that includes the "devil's out to getcha," which I can no longer hold. Sorry, but God doesn't care if I drink coffee and Satan's not happy when I take a sip of Tea. I just no longer think or speak the Mormon language.

·        I have met Mormons who rise above the indoctrination-system and reject the rigid dogma the LDS church promotes; but they are dwarfed by the massive group think that pervades the culture.Mormons are not a divergent group but are predominantly mostly conservative. I prefer to be around a group of people with a more divergent set of opinions and a variety of points of view rather than people suffering from ingrained group think. That's not to say that there aren't politically liberal Mormons, there are; I just don't like that the culture is so clearly slanted toward conservative politics which shows there's too much indoctrinated group think compared to other churches where the percentage of liberals and conservative is more even.

·       In my opinion there is more practical advice in Dale Carnegie’s books than all of the scripture Joseph Smith produced, as well as the Ensign, and General Conference talks. The Book of Mormon is boring fiction masquerading as true history. The Pearl of Great Price contains the Book of Abraham which is the best example of a hoax I have ever seen. 

·      Joseph Smith claimed to channel the voice of Jesus, that is what most of the Doctrine & Covenants is! Yet the voice of Jesus coming from Smith (like in D&C 132) is not the same Jesus I read about in the Bible. Grant Palmer makes this very clear in his book, Restoring Christ: Leaving Mormon Jesus for Jesus of the Gospels. Thus one can’t just say I am choosing to interpret a story as a source of inspiring mythos and poetry for pragmatic reasons as many Progressive Christians do with the Bible. In Mormonism, we are not talking inspired metaphors and parabolic language and love your enemy and love one another; for in D&C 132 Smith channels the voice of Jesus in order to threaten Emma with destruction if she doesn't stop interfering with Smith's polygamous agenda, which included taking teen brides and even marrying women who were already married. 

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A Short List of Reasons Why I am Not a New Order Mormon and Decided to Resign

Note: If you are a New Order Mormon for the sake of family and career, I respect your decision. This is just my subjective point of view. ...