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Skin Color: Mormon Dogma vs. Science

One of the many reasons I am no longer a Mormon is because of the racist doctrines that are still bound in LDS scripture. To be fair most Mormons are not racist and they tend to ignore the racist teachings of their past leaders and the racist passages in Mormon scripture. In fact, as I have mentioned elsewhere there are Mormon apologists who are now trying to not only deny the seed of Cain dogma, but are now saying that LDS leaders who taught that the Book of Mormon taught that dark skin was a curse, were wrong. Well, good for them, and to help them along I suggest they try and get the video on the science of skin color, below, played at the next General Conference; since some Mormons continue to believe and teach the harmful seed of Cain doctrine and continue to perpetuate the falsehood that Native Americans were cursed with dark skin. To learn the truth about skin color see the video Skin Deep on the Smithsonian channel. See:…