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A Short List of the Positive Aspects of Mormonism & The Goodness It Creates

In my last post I discussed the harm caused by the LDS institution, so in the spirit of fairness I will now list some of the positive aspects of Mormonism and the good things done by the Mormon Church. For a more lengthy treatment of this subject, see my article The Positive Side of Mormonism. Note: this is not a comprehensive list.

"Man is, that he may have Joy" ~ The Book of Mormon The Mormon Church advocates living a “Christ-like” life. Regardless of what one thinks about Mormon theology, rituals, and history, the teachings are often grounded in the teachings of Jesus.The Mormon Church encourages a strict health code called The Word of Wisdom. As I write in my article linked above, “LDS members are healthy and sober like the Seventh day Adventists and Muslims. Things like alcohol is a major problem in American society."The LDS church fosters a culture that seeks to be ethical, live with noble character, and practice virtue. As a result LDS culture fosters an atmospher…

A Short List of Harm Caused by Mormonism

This blog post should be read in conjunction with my blog post here and my essay titled The Positive Side of Mormonism, where I mention all of the good in the Mormon Church. In this post I will point out several reasons why I think Mormonism can often be harmful. I need to be clear though that I separate the individual Mormon from the LDS Institution. When I speak of Mormonism being harmful I am not talking about average Mormons themselves as individuals. In fact, after reading the essay linked above it will become clear to the reader that I am aware of not just the goodness in the LDS church, but that there are many ethical Mormons of high character doing good in the world. 
I believe most Mormons are not themselves harmful but are unknowing victims of MormonISM. So to be clear, this list is not an attack in any way on individual Mormons but is a list of the harm caused by the LDS Corporation.
My intent is to both explain why, I personally am not a Cultural Mormon (New Order Mormon…