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Why I Try Not To Take It Personally When A Mormon Acts Rude or Shuns Me

Note: the LDS church has no official policy of shunning, except one of the temple questions that asks basically if you affiliate with any critics of the church or sympathize with them. So when I speak of shunning I am not meaning the kind of institutionalized shunning that exists in certain otherreligions. When Mormons shun they usually do so of their own volition without direction from their leaders.

As a former Mormon I can still remember how the Mormon ideas spread brain to brain via communication and would enter my brain and rewire my thinking; causing me to think and do things I don’t think I would have chosen to do if I were totally free of the cultural conditioning imposed on me as a Mormon.
How much constant reinforcement and social conformity -- via singing hymns, making temple oaths, wearing secret garments with subliminal markings, and performing constant demonstrations of your “testimony” to show total submissive loyalty and conformity -- before you are taken over by the