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Covering Up the Seed of Cain Doctrine in Mormonism

In Peggy Fletcher Stack’s article, Mormon church disputes BYU prof's remarks about blacks, published Feb 24, 2012, we learn that a BYU professor has been perpetuating racist ideas. See the link above for details. Also, see the Washington Post article here.

The short three minute video below summarizes the issue:

When I read about Bott I remembered when missionaries in the area where I live in the 1990s were walking around with copies of Bruce R. McConkie’s Mormon Doctrine, that was issued by their Mission President, and teaches some of the same things Bott said. I recall being taught the seed of Cain dogma in LDS institute class around 2001. I have been out of Mormon culture since then.

Back in June of 2011, I wrote a blog post titled,
The Harm of the Seed of Cain Doctrine & Why It Hasn't Been Repudiated. Mr. Bott’s actions further support what I say in that post. The fact is that if you walk into most Mormons homes and examine their Mormon books you will likely find some …