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Conversations with a Mormon

I grew up in the Mormon Church. I had many long conversations with True Believing Mormons before I decided to resign. I honestly gave Mormons hundreds of opportunities to help me understand and be convinced by orthodox Mormon claims. I even made a deal with a Mormon bishop that I would go to church for three months if he would read BH Robert’s Studies of the Book of Mormon, and explain to me after reading the book how he retains a literal interpretation of the Book of Mormon. Three months went by with me going to church as promised, and when I contacted this bishop he had only read the five page introduction not fulfilling his promise (I presume, in fear of reading the opposing viewpoint ) and said the introduction was interesting and then he only wanted to talk about me praying more until I became convinced Mormonism was true.

I really wanted to be challenged by Mormons to rethink my post Mormon perspective, and like a philosopher will dialogue with others in order to obtain truth,…