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Black skin, Mormonism, LDS Missionaries, and The Temple Before 1978

I was reading through the excellent article called Blacks and the Priesthood (at and I learned something I hadn't heard before. At the end of the article it states:

African Americans banned from the temple.

Some members try to explain that the priesthood ban on black men was just something unique to the priesthood. But if that's the case, why were not black women allowed to receive their endowments in the temples until 1978? It's bad enough to exclude black men from holding the priesthood but to deny both black men and black women the sealing ordinances and other ordinances required for exaltation is clearly racist. Why on earth wouldn't black families be allowed to be sealed to each other before 1978? [End Quote].

I already knew that LDS missionaries were trained to avoid proselytizing to blacks before 1978 but banning black women from the temple endowment is especially alarming.

Movies & Documentries I Recommend With Themes Related To Mormonism

• Margin Call (2011): I liked this movie as a former Mormon as it showed how those in power often rationalize what they do. I found that the LDS leaders being oblivious to or insensitive to the harm they cause to former-Mormons similar to the CEOs in the movie. 

• Concussion (2015): This movie is about a scientist who reveals scientific evidence of the dangers of football and how the NFL as a corporation (see the documentaryThe Corporation below!) dealt with the science the scientist who just wanted the truth to be told. 

• The Insider (1999): from "A research chemist comes under personal and professional attack when he decides to appear in a '60 Minutes' expose on Big Tobacco." Similar to Margin Call and Concussion (above) this movie shows how challenging it is for the truth to get out when a Corporate Empire doesn't want the truth out.

• The Hoax: Richard Gere plays a con man who pretends to write the autobiography of Howard Hughes. It reminded me of …