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Learning Different Points of View & The Courage To Be Informed

The following is from pages 149-150 of the book, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, section 61 titled: Read Articles and Books with Entirely Different Points of View from Your Own and Try to Learn Something:

Have you ever noticed that practically everything justifies and reinforces your own opinions and views on life? The same is true with our radio and television listening and viewing choices as well. In fact, on America’s most popular radio talk show, callers often identify themselves as “ditto heads,” meaning “I already agree with everything you say. Tell me more.” Liberals, conservatives–we’re all the same. We form opinions and then spend our entire lifetimes validating what we believe to be true. This rigidity is sad, because there is so much we can learn from points of view that are different from our own. It’s also sad because the stubbornness it takes to keep our heart and mind closed to everything other than our own point of view creates a great deal of inner stress. A closed mind…

September 11, 1857 & The Lucifer Effect By Philip Zimbardo

On September 11, 1857 a group of Mormons killed over a hundred innocent people. See this short clip below:

Note: I am not the biggest fan of the moive September Dawn since it weaves a fictional tale about a Mormon family within the factual events of September 11, 1857. To watch a shortened version of the film with most of the fictional aspects edited out, see the youtube video here.

So how could a group of good and active Mormons kill innocent people? Well, the video [now posted below in the comments section] quoting LDS leader Dallin Oaks about blind obedience and how members must be basically loyal and not criticize their leaders (which is a tradition in Mormonism) no doubt contributed to the Mormon murders in 1857. See the 2007 lecture at Stanford on the The Lucifer Effect by Philip Zimbardo.