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The Danger of a Single Story & Former Mormons

This morning I watched another TED video titled: The danger of a single story, posted below:

This video reminded me of my life as a Mormon and how I had a single story about exmormons/post-Mormons. I viewed all former Mormons as lost and to be pitied, sinful in need of reconverting, and/or deceived by Satan. I viewed those who were never Mormon or what I called “Gentiles” as equally lost, in need of conversion, and in some way deceived by Satan. I held a very black and white view with little room for complexity. Sure I tried to “love my neighbor” and “judge not” but I was also trained as a Mormon to view myself as the “elect,” the “chosen few,” and there was a cosmic battle between the forces of evil and the forces of good. I, of course, was on the good side. This of course tightened the bond with fellow Mormons and likewise dug a deeper hole in the cavern separating Us from Them.

I am pleased with the new I am an exmormon website. For this site breaks the stereotypes about former Mormons and tells their real story with a face to go with it. Yet I wonder how many Mormons actually watch these stories. In fact, how many True Believing Mormons have actually listened to one of their former Mormon loved ones (a spouse, sibling, relative) share their story of why they are no longer Mormon. What would happen if they did?


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