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The Fruit of Joseph Smith: The Legacy of Mormon Polygamy

The above clip is from the documentary Inside Story of Polygamy on the BBC (click on the link to watch the whole show). This documentary shows the true legacy of Joseph Smith. One of the reasons I chose to leave Mormonism was because of how much suffering and oppression Joseph Smith created with is adulterous lifestyle and the sexual mythology he created to justify that selfish lifestyle. Because of Smith, even those who aren't "physically" abusing children with their authoritarian “priesthood status” in these polygamous groups, have been duped through indoctrination, subjective emotion and Groupthink, to believe they are being obedient to God by living this way.

I also recommend this video I found on youtube: Lifting the Veil of Polygamy.

The FLDS (Fundamentalist Latter day Saints) depicted in the videos above is the fruit of Joseph Smith and his doctrine of polygamy. Whenever I visit a Mormon home or social activity and see a picture of Joseph Smith on a wall for membe…

The Harm of the Seed of Cain Doctrine & Why It Hasn't Been Repudiated

I just listened to a podcast titled "Episode: 256-258: Dustin Jones and the Lingering Legacy of the LDS Negro Doctrine, May 31, 2011 By John Dehlin.

The reason members don’t want to talk about the racists teachings in Mormonism, as Dustin talks about in part 2 of the podcast, is because then they will suffer cognitive dissonance and an "amygdala hijacking" when they contemplate the thought that their leaders – who are supposed to be inspired by God – perpetuated racists doctrines and policies for over a hundred years. Another reason is that if the LDS member begins to admit that maybe the leaders were wrong in teaching the doctrine that blacks are the seed of Cain, then maybe they are wrong about other things. This was actually the first "domino" that fell over for me personally which I discuss in my short exit story out of the church that I titled, Dear Bishop, I'm Leaving the Fold.

Once that first domino fell, and other dominos natu…