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UNDERSTANDING THE MORMON BRAIN: Why it’s So Difficult Discussing Mormonism with LDS Members

I wish I had the following information when I was first learning about the errors of Mormonism; for it would have helped me to have more constructive conversations with LDS folks instead of most of the discussions I had dissolving into ego battles filled with heated emotions, inevitable misunderstandings, and defensive attitudes.

The Amygdala hijack:

In the diagram below we see how our brain responds to a perceived threat as the amygdala is “triggered” sending a message to our nervous system igniting the fight or flight response which often clouds rational thinking or at least the ability to think more clearly.

Image source:

Amygdala hijacking explained:

If the above video does not play I recommend going to youtube and searching “amygdala hijack.”

Mormons have been conditioned to interpret an amygdala-hijacking as “evil” and a “sign” to avoid “certain information.” Thus Mormon leaders have used a natural defense mechanism in the brain to …