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I can’t be a Mormon because I wear the wrong underwear

There was a time before I resigned when I contemplated being a cultural Mormon (a.k.a. New Order Mormon). During this time I quickly realized that since I did not fully believe all that is required to be a True Believing Mormon (TBM), and I did not wear the correct underwear, I couldn't fully fit in as a Mormon.

Sure I could show up, take sacrament, talk about Jesus and ethics and support the philanthropy and family values. But I didn’t wear the right underwear. I first went without the Mormon undergarment on my mission in Brazil because they led to me getting a heat rash, so upon medical advice I stopped wearing them until the rash went away. Going without them led me to feel free, as if I was mentally repressed wearing them before. This was my first glimpse into the mentally controlling and repressive nature of the garments.

After my LDS mission I started to study Mormonism more deeply and after a few years I was starting to realize it wasn't what it claimed to be. At this …