Sunday, June 07, 2009

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> Is this an anti-Mormon website?

> A Post-Mormon Documents some Recent Positive Changes in Mormonism

A Short List of the Positive Aspects of Mormonism & The Goodness It Creates

The Power of Bright-Bright

My Resignation Letter (back in 2004)

I can’t be Mormon because I wear the wrong underwear.

> A Short List of Reasons Why I am Not a New Order Mormon and Decided to Resign 

A Short List of Harm Caused by Mormonism

The Mormon Shame and Tame Cycle 

Did Joseph Smith have Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

Did Joseph Smith have NPD? - Part 2

> Would Jesus endorse the Mormon Corporation?

The Fruit of Joseph Smith: The Legacy of Mormon Polygamy.

> Wayne Bent and Joseph Smith

Rewriting History, Dishonest Advertising, False Propaganda, & the Sin of Omission in Mormonism

UNDERSTANDING THE MORMON BRAIN: Why it’s So Difficult Discussing Mormonism with LDS Members

Communicating with Mormon Loved Ones: A Five Step Method

> Urim & Thummim or Magic Stone? How Smith claimed to produce the Book of Mormon

Learning Different Points of View & The Courage To Be Informed

The Danger of a Single Story & Former Mormons.

Types of Mormons and Non-Mormons

> Videos of how Smith actually created his Book of Mormon

> My Response to Daniel Peterson on the Seer Stone

> Is the rock in the hat act a trivial matter?

> Black skin, Mormonism, LDS Missionaries, and The Temple Before 1978.

> The Harm of the Seed of Cain Doctrine & Why It Hasn't Been Repudiated.

> Covering Up the Seed of Cain Doctrine in Mormonism.

Skin Color: Mormon Dogma vs. Science

> Why I Try Not To Take It Personally When A Mormon Acts Rude or Shuns Me

> Exmormon musings on a visit to church

> Where did the Mormon Gods come from?

> Gay Rights and the Mormon Church

> Is Mitt Romney honest about his religion?

> My Psychological Journey in Brief

> Top 10 Reasons I'm happier now as a non-Mormon

> September 11, 1857 & The Lucifer Effect By Philip Zimbardo

> Movies I Recommend With Themes Related To Mormonism

> Conversations with a Mormon

> Feeling vindicated in 2013

> Are Former Mormons Mirroring the Black & White mentality of the Mormonism they grew up?

Satan Made me Do It, Done Made me Think

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Would Jesus endorse the Mormon Corporation?

Just completed a long post about what the historical Jesus likely focused on. See:  What Did Jesus Most Talk About & Focus On? It Might ...