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> Is this an anti-Mormon website?

> Learning Different Points of View & The Courage To Be Informed

> The Danger of a Single Story & Former Mormons.

> Types of Mormons and Non-Mormons

> Urim & Thummim or Magic Stone? How Smith claimed to produce the Book of Mormon

> Videos of how Smith actually created his Book of Mormon

> My Response to Daniel Peterson on the Seer Stone

> Is the rock in the hat act a trivial matter?

Did Joseph Smith have Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

> The Fruit of Joseph Smith: The Legacy of Mormon Polygamy.

> Wayne Bent and Joseph Smith

> Black skin, Mormonism, LDS Missionaries, and The Temple Before 1978.

> The Harm of the Seed of Cain Doctrine & Why It Hasn't Been Repudiated.

> Covering Up the Seed of Cain Doctrine in Mormonism.

Skin Color: Mormon Dogma vs. Science

> Rewriting History, Dishonest Advertising, False Propaganda, & the Sin of Omission in Mormonism

A Short List of Harm Caused by Mormonism

> A Short List of the Positive Aspects of Mormonism & The Goodness It Creates
> UNDERSTANDING THE MORMON BRAIN: Why it’s So Difficult Discussing Mormonism with LDS Members

The Mormon Shame and Tame Cycle 

> Why I Try Not To Take It Personally When A Mormon Acts Rude or Shuns Me

> Communicating with Mormon Loved Ones: A Five Step Method

> Exmormon musings on a visit to church

> I can’t be Mormon because I wear the wrong underwear.

> Where did the Mormon Gods come from?

> Gay Rights and the Mormon Church

> Is Mitt Romney honest about his religion?

> My Psychological Journey in Brief

> Top 10 Reasons I'm happier now as a non-Mormon

> September 11, 1857 & The Lucifer Effect By Philip Zimbardo

> Movies I Recommend With Themes Related To Mormonism

> Conversations with a Mormon

> Feeling vindicated in 2013

> Are Former Mormons Mirroring the Black & White mentality of the Mormonism they grew up?


Popular posts from this blog

The Mormon Shame and Tame Cycle

Disclaimer: In this post I am not saying that feeling healthy guilt is wrong. In fact healthy guilt is sometimes important toward facilitating personal growth and ethical change. In this post I am critiquing Mormonism's methods of extreme demands on the membership to live up to the Mormon ideals, followed by unhealthy shaming techniques and the implementation of emotional manipulation. For my readers who are Christian, nothing I write herein goes against basic Christian doctrines of healthy guilt and confession to God and forgiveness by grace. I am specifically critiquing the Mormon Corporation and its methods of mind controlling it’s members through several methods, including making impossible demands on fallible humans; like the rule that you can't drink coffee, or that women shouldn't have more than one pair of earrings; and how LDS members who have been through the temple are required to wear secret Mormon underwear day and night to be deemed “worthy” of entering the t…

A Short List of Harm Caused by Mormonism

This blog post should be read in conjunction with my blog post here and my essay titled The Positive Side of Mormonism, where I mention all of the good in the Mormon Church. In this post I will point out several reasons why I think Mormonism can often be harmful. I need to be clear though that I separate the individual Mormon from the LDS Institution. When I speak of Mormonism being harmful I am not talking about average Mormons themselves as individuals. In fact, after reading the essay linked above it will become clear to the reader that I am aware of not just the goodness in the LDS church, but that there are many ethical Mormons of high character doing good in the world. 
I believe most Mormons are not themselves harmful but are unknowing victims of MormonISM. So to be clear, this list is not an attack in any way on individual Mormons but is a list of the harm caused by the LDS Corporation.
My intent is to both explain why, I personally am not a Cultural Mormon (New Order Mormon…

Did Joseph Smith have Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

Disclaimer: Joseph Smith is many things to many people. For some in the restoration movement, who believe in the Book of Mormon but reject the leadership of Brigham Young, Smith was inspired but a “fallen” prophet. To Utah Mormons, Smith was a noble man worthy of constant praise and adoration. When I was a missionary there was one family who had a huge mural of Joseph Smith in their living room, with a smaller painting of Jesus consigned to the kitchen area. Growing up Mormon I only heard of Smith’s strengths and talents, never his flaws and foibles. My analysis below is no doubt an incomplete portrait of Joseph Smith, for I am focusing on one aspect of his character; but my focus balances out the white washed squeaky clean image of Smith produced by the LDS church. We are all multifaceted individuals and full of complexity and profound mystery. Nevertheless, this is an attempt to uncover at least one aspect of Smith’s personality and how it likely influenced his new religion of Mormo…