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Urim & Thummim or Magic Stone? How Smith claimed to translate the Book of Mormon

Note, 2015 update:This post was written back in 2009. Around 2014 the LDS church began publishing articles telling more of the full truth about the translation process of the Book of Mormon. In fact, the October 2015 Ensign article (available online) even shows pictures of Smith's seer stone; and the LDS church finally admitted the pictures of Smith using the actual "gold plates" to translate is not historically accurate. I consider this a form of vindication and evidence that the voice of the critics did lead to the LDS church being more accountable. I have kept my original blog post in its original 2009 form before these recent changes in the LDS church and their giving of fuller disclosure.

I remember the first time I learned about Joseph Smith's magic seer stone; it was after my mission. I was shocked! I brought it up to an LDS friend who actually got upset about it. He immediately accused me of reading anti-Mormon literature. He said that Joseph would have never…

Is This an anti-Mormon Website?

Being called a Mormon is something some LDS members do not like to be called. In this new century I see the old Mormon system of belief being changed to the New LDS belief system. Missionaries no longer ask "what do you know about the Mormons" like my parents used to do. Official LDS church publications shy away from the term Mormonism even though it is in the D&C and ironically one of the church websites is

This is not an anti-Mormon site. I am pro-Mormon as far as supporting the LDS church's family values, ethical teachings, and philanthropy. In fact, I've written a lengthy article on the positive side of Mormonism. Calling me an anti-Mormon for being critical of the claims of the LDS church would be like calling a critic of the claims of Judaism an anti-Semite. Someone can be a critic of a theology but not be anti "the people of that religious organization." As LDS apologist (Mormon defender) John A. Tvedtnes writes:

"A non-Mormo…

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