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Exmormon musings during a visit to church

When I watched several LDS members at a church social interact it kind of made me realize that they were all engaged in the suspension of disbelief; like an audience watching actors in the theater. They were all acting and engaging their imaginations and suspending doubt to keep the whole belief-system going: golden plates, magic rocks, good ol’ polygamy (etc), all unbelievable from an outsider's perspective. So what drives them?

I have come to realize that heck life is tough; life is darn right cruel and indifferent to your needs and desires. Not all of us have the mental muscle and strength and skill to overcome this and rise to heights of excellence. We have to make meaning and see the balance in life. Some of us fall down a lot and like a kid looking for sympathy when he scratches his knee, dogmatic religions are the ultimate buffer, for it cradles you in it's arms and tells you everything is going to be OK. Some people prefer the warmth of the barn to the cold of the for…

Gay Rights and the Mormon Church

Up until recently the LDS church encouraged gays to marry and withhold their same-sex attraction from their spouse. This has led to damaged relationships and broken LDS families. As a heterosexual male I think gays should not be told to have relationships with heterosexuals in order to go to the Mormon heaven. That is horrible and unethical causing harm to both homosexuals and heterosexuals.

I always ask Mormons who have a sister or daughter if they would want a guy who is attracted to the same sex to date their sister or daughter; knowing he could one day “come out of the closet” and pursue a different lifestyle after their sister or daughter is invested in the marriage and kids are involved? The answer is always the same, “no,” and yet these same Mormons are more than willing to say gay men should marry other people’s sisters and daughters regardless of their sexual urges because their god said so.

Why can’t LDS folks who oppose gay rights see that if gays were allowed to marry tha…