Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Videos of how Smith actually created his Book of Mormon

The following video clips shed further light on the subject of Smith's use of a seer stone in a hat rather than any gold plates in front of him to translate.


James Brian Marshall said...


There are reasons Salt Lake Mormons either don't or cannot tell the truth.

The Seer Stone is The Urim and Thummin used by the Ancient Israelite temple priests. This stone and breats plate was used as an oracle or communication device between man and God.

To learn more about the Urim and Thummim, read 2 Samuel. Better yet search Strongs Exhoustive Concordance for more info.

Getting back to Salt Lake LDS inaccuracies and semi truths. When ever there are real organizations promoting truth, the devil constructs or devises an organization to appose Christ's Church.

Just as Roman Catholicism arose to appose and tamper with Christ's true doctrine, in the Bible so has in these last days an apostate church has risen to tarnish the image of Joseph Smith and Book of Mormon.

I would say the biggest lie told, is the LDS Church is the origanal Church Joseph Smith started. The second biggest LDS lie told is Joseph Smith was a Polygamist.

U.S. and Canadian Court verdicts
and a U.S. Congressional Investigation reviels all about the lies the Salt Lake Based LDS church had told visit my blog.


Brian Marshall

B.K. said...

The Old Testament "Urim and Thummim" was used as a sort of coin toss of sorts to seek a yes or no answer to something (see

This is not how Smith used his peep stone he found in a well, see

The way Smith used his peep stone, or rock in a hat act, is more in line with folk magic like scrying ( or crystal gazing (

Keep in mind that Smith used the same rock to dictate most of the Book of Mormon that he used to swindle people out of their money as a money digger. See

The fact that 1) Smith found the rock in a well that he used to allegedly read the contents of the Book of Mormon, and this rock was not found with the alleged gold plates; and 2) he often used the Bible to justify Mormon doctrines leads me to conclude that Smith may have used the perceived “authority” of the Bible to justify folk magic as a way to dupe those around him, who were superstitious believers in both folk magic and the Bible.


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