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Top 10 Reasons I'm happier now as a non-Mormon

10. Instead of giving 10% of my income to the LDS church that is used to build highly expensive buildings where imaginary dead people are dunked in H-2-O -- and everyone gets together and chants giving secret handshakes -- I give my money to those who really need it like to a charity. Helping others in need instead of playing make-believe makes me happy.

9. I’m no longer allowing myself to be indoctrinated while singing songs like "praise to the man."

8. I no longer feel like I’m better than everyone else when I walk into a room. I no longer engage in polarized thinking, “us Mormons vs. the World.” I feel more at one with humanity and interconnected to all of life. I'm less judgmental, more accepting of others, more tolerant, and free!

7. I think like a grown up and I never could get myself to engage in childish dependency void of individualism, looking with star-struck eyes to the commands of an 80 year old man in Utah whom I’ve never met before; who I’m supposed to have t…

My Psychological Journey in Brief

I went from thinking:

I’m afraid to leave.
I want to be a Mormon for sociocultural reasons.
I have to be Mormon, it’s all I know.
I don’t know where else to go for social support?
I ought to out of loyalty to family and friends; it’s tradition!

To eventually saying to myself:

I can’t imagine remaining in the LDS church.
I feel so free to learn new things and meet new people.
There are so many other social opportunities.
True friends and family will accept me and my resignation.