Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Who do I pray to anyway?

In Mormonism there is a Heavenly Mother who gave brith to your spirit body that clothes your soul or your "Intellegence" that always existed. In Mormonism your eternal Intelligence, soul, or spirit-element is eternal and uncreated (D&C 93:21-23), and your heavenly parents merely organized both a spirit body and then an earthly body for your soul or Intelligence to inhabit (click here for more details).

Apparently your soul or Intelligence was just floating around in outerspace like sperm without a home. The Mormon Father deity named merely organized your mortal body from dust and eternal matter like an artist forming clay. But the Goddess Mother created your spirit body (gave birth to it anyway) so then shouldn't she be worshipped and adored the same if not more than the exalted man called Heavenly Father?

Mormons essentially ignore their Heavenly Mother in their worship services. Would you move to another country and only write letters to your Dad? The church teaches to believe in Heavenly Parents but publically only one is mentioned. Mom and Dad in heaven together make up the concept of "God" in Mormonism because both the Father and the unnamed Heavenly Mother "are Gods" (see D&C 132). So to worship God and pray to “God” in Mormondom is to pray to your Heavenly Parents, and this should include the Heavenly Mother.

Mormons should really pray, “Dear Heavenly Father, and my kind sweet Heavenly Mother ... Thanks for the body Dad, and Mom thanks for bearing my spirit to clothe my soul that always existed in space, and to both of you thanks for choosing my intelligence (or soul) that was just floating around out there in space … and to Joseph Smith, please give me your consent as you reign as a supreme being over my judgment... Oh and to all the holy Gods scattered throughout eternity, oh great, great, great, great, great, great, Grandpa and Grandma Gods, thanks for organizing my Heavenly Fathers and Mothers, and thanks to all the Gods; and whoever was the first God thanks for coming up with the idea of eternal procreation. Oh, and where did you come from, and what is my Heavenly Mother's name anyway?”

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