Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Milk before the Meat

Before I resigned I was trying to be a New Order Mormon and I remember going over in my head all the positive things about Mormonism but then I said to myself, “that may all be true, but I believe in full disclosure. A real estate agent must fully disclose all the problems with the home; if there’s a leak you should report it. In the Mormon religion they do the opposite. They give you the ‘milk’ instead of the ‘meat’ as they say. They leave out the seed of Cain doctrine, Joseph Smith practicing polygamy, Freemasonry used to create the temple endowment, the legendary development of the First Vision versions, and the temple penalties, garments, secret oaths, etc, etc. After you’ve invested some time, money, and made friends and got comfortable then you find out about all this stuff when you first join the church, and usually by accident.” I realized the church must be dishonest by omitting these things because otherwise it would be obvious it wasn’t what it claimed to be, and no matter how much good the church does it does not make up for its deceptive practices.

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