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Where did the Mormon Gods come from?

Do Mormons believe in a first Creator God of all things? Is there a First Cause that caused all other beings to come into existence?

In the Mormon hymnal called If you could hie to Kolob (pg. 284) it reads, “If you could hie to kolob in a twinkling of an eye, And then continue onward with that same speed to fly… [you'd]... find the generation where the gods began to be?” Huh? A generation is all of the offspring that are at the same stage of descent from a common ancestor. So the Mormon chain of procreating gods goes back to a single source? Is this Originator personal or impersonal? male or female? Mormons have no answer. This sounds like the Hindu concept of Brahman that is the source of all the gods and "is the unchanging, infinite, immanent, and transcendentreality which is the Divine Ground of all things in this universe" ( Is this LDS doctrine? But wait, the LDS prophet Brigham Young said that “there never was a time when there were not Gods…” (See Jo…

Who do I pray to anyway?

In Mormonism there is a Heavenly Mother who gave brith to your spirit body that clothes your soul or your "Intellegence" that always existed. In Mormonism your eternal Intelligence, soul, or spirit-element is eternal and uncreated (D&C 93:21-23), and your heavenly parents merely organized both a spirit body and then an earthly body for your soul or Intelligence to inhabit (click here for more details).

Apparently your soul or Intelligence was just floating around in outerspace like sperm without a home. The Mormon Father deity named merely organized your mortal body from dust and eternal matter like an artist forming clay. But the Goddess Mother created your spirit body (gave birth to it anyway) so then shouldn't she be worshipped and adored the same if not more than the exalted man called Heavenly Father?

Mormons essentially ignore their Heavenly Mother in their worship services. Would you move to another country and only write letters to your Dad? The church teaches…

Milk before the Meat

Before I resigned I was trying to be a New Order Mormon and I remember going over in my head all the positive things about Mormonism but then I said to myself, “that may all be true, but I believe in full disclosure. A real estate agent must fully disclose all the problems with the home; if there’s a leak you should report it. In the Mormon religion they do the opposite. They give you the ‘milk’ instead of the ‘meat’ as they say. They leave out the seed of Cain doctrine, Joseph Smith practicing polygamy, Freemasonry used to create the temple endowment, the legendary development of the First Vision versions, and the temple penalties, garments, secret oaths, etc, etc. After you’ve invested some time, money, and made friends and got comfortable then you find out about all this stuff when you first join the church, and usually by accident.” I realized the church must be dishonest by omitting these things because otherwise it would be obvious it wasn’t what it claimed to be, and no matter …

Birds in a Cage

I have many LDS friends and family who are like wild birds who over the years have slowly adapted to being caged by the church. When wild birds are first put in a cage they fly against the bars and seek to escape anytime the door is open for any reason. The older birds sit in the cage even when left with a chance to escape. Leaving the Mormon Church in my mid 20s (around 2001) after growing up in the church was easier to escape, i.e. it wasn’t as traumatic as someone born in the church that must face the truth at the age of forty with a wife and kids. I feel sorry for Mormons who are stuck in the cage and have lost interest in freedom. It reminds me of the movie Shawshank Redemption, in one scene an old man who has been in prison his whole life is finally set free but he doesn't know what to do with himself and becomes depressed and takes his life. Later in the movie the character Red is set free and has a hard time adjusting to life outside prison as well. He struggles with thing…